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Sanibel Island RedfishRedfish are a great year-round gamefish for Sanibel area fishing charters. Redfish are highly sought after by recreational anglers, tournament fishermen and fishing guides. Redfish are great targets for all experience levels. They are very hard fighters and they are not difficult to catch. Pine Island Sound has a very healthy population of redfish.  I use a variety of live and artificial bait for redfish, depending on conditions. Redfish form schools in the late summer and fall, and they can be very exciting to fish for. Peak time: September and October

Catching Redfish Relates to Tidal Activity and Fishing Location

Redfish move and feed according to the tides. The tide has a bigger influence on reds than most other gamefish in the area. As the tide starts to flood the flats after a low tide, redfish push into the extreme shallows rooting for crustaceans in the grass. Their tails often tip up out of the water as they feed. We call these fish “tailers”. They provide advanced anglers and fly fishermen with excellent sight fishing opportunities. As the tide continues to rise, they push further up on the flats toward the mangroves. On the highest parts of the tide, the reds will push up into the mangroves to look for food. During the summer, they sit under the mangroves for shade. Redfish are often found around oyster bars and in potholes. They will mix in with schools of mullet as well.

Redfish Bait

Gold spoons, Gulp shrimp and Zara Spooks work well for reds. For our fishing charters, we use a variety of natural baits such as live shiners and shrimp, as well as cut baits such as mullet, threadfins, and ladyfish. Flies for reds include streamers as well as shrimp and crab patterns for tailers.

Sanibel Island Redfish Sanibel-Flyfishing-Charters

Awesome Fall Fishing – Sanibel Fishing Charters!

Fishing has been incredible with our Sanibel Island fishing charters. We have been catching redfish, snook and tarpon. This is a great time of the year to fish, and the weather has been great. We are starting to get closer to the busy season, and my schedule is booking up for the upcoming months. Redfish more »

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